Grow Your Website Traffic With RafflePress

I needed a solution for my own giveaways and research brought me to RafflePress in the end, due to its ease of use, power, and pricing model.

RafflePress is touted as one of, if not the best WordPress giveaway plugin that helps Grow Email Lists, Increase Website Traffic, and Boost Social Media Followers with Viral Giveaways & Contests.


RafflePress helps you turn your visitors into brand ambassadors. As a result, you get more website traffic, email subscribers, and social media engagement FASTER without buying any paid ads!

Here are just some of the features that make RafflePress the most powerful and user-friendly WordPress contest plugin in the market.


RafflePress Initial Setup

  1. Install and activated the plugin.
  2. RafflePress > Settings > General.
  3. Enter the license key and verify it.
  4. Set your Default Timezone.
  5. Save settings.
  6. RafflePress > Settings > Emails.
  7. Set your desired notification settings. (Note: I like to set notifications so that I receive as many notifications as possible (Daily) to start and then work backward depending on the amount of “noise”.).
  8. Enter the email address where notifications should be sent to.
  9. Save settings.
  10. RafflePress > Settings > Integrations.
  11. Click on any of the available integration options to pull up the online documentation for that particular solution. (Note: Leave that browser tab open, for reference during the setup of your first giveaway.).

RafflePress Giveaway Setup


For this section, I’ve documented the steps to implement a 2-hour Support Giveaway.

  1. RafflePress > Added New.
  2. Giveaway Name > Added “2 Hour Support Giveaway”.
  3. Template > Chose Classic Giveaway. (Note: When you hover over a template, you have the option to see the Giveaway in action, to see if it fits your needs.).
  4. Giveaway > Details > Clicked on the edit pencil to add a Prize name, description, and a custom image.
  5. Set a Start and End Time for the giveaway to run.


Join a Newsletter

  1. Giveaway > Actions > Get More Subscribers > Added the Join an Email Newsletter action.
  2. Clicked on the Join an Email Newsletter action and changed the title to “Sign up for My Newsletter”.
  3. Enabled the Display Opt-in Confirmation Checkbox and set a custom description of “Yes, I’ll receive future emails for a chance to win.”
  4. Select an Integration > Chose Mailchimp.
  5. Clicked Connect to MailChimp to pull up my API key and then entered it.
  6. Integration Name > Added “RafflePress”.
  7. Clicked the Get Lists button and chose my desired list.
  8. Enabled Mailchimp Double Opt-in.
  9. Clicked Save Integration Details.

Visit Us on Facebook

  1. Giveaway > Actions > Get More Subscribers > Added the Visit Us on Facebook action.
  2. Clicked on the Visit Us on Facebook action and changed the title to “Like the WP Turned UP Facebook Page”.
  3. Entered the WP Turned UP Facebook Page URL.

Refer a Friend - Viral

  1. Giveaway > Actions > Get More Social Engagement > Added the Refer a Friend – Viral action.
  2. Clicked on the Refer a Friend – Viral action and changed the title to “Refer a Friend”.
  3. Share On > Enabled Facebook.
  4. Facebook Share Options > Share Text > Entered “Hi. Since you are running a WordPress website or thinking about it, I think you would love what the WP Turned UP is offering.”.
  5. Clicked Select Image and choose the desired image.

Visit a Page

  1. Giveaway > Actions > Get More Traffic > Added the Visit a Page action.
  2. Clicked on the Visit a Page action and changed the title to “Check out WP Turned UP’s Services”.
  3. Entered the WP Turned UP Services URL.


  1. Giveaway > Design > Layout > Set as Image, Header, Text.
  2. Button Color > Entered a custom HEX value to match my branding



  1. Page Permalink > Entered “giveaways”. (Note: This is not a page that you have to manually build on your website. RafflePress will generate this for you.).
  2. Display Options > Hide Total Entries > Enabled. (Note: We want to do this for a number of reasons. One of which is to not give insight as to how much competition there really is. Even if your Giveaway entries are super low, you want people to have the incentive to perform more of the actions.).
  3. Display Options > Show Winners > Enabled. (Note: We want to show who the winner is, to add some legitimacy to the Giveaways.).
  4. Limit Sign Ups Per IP > Limit to 3 sign ups per IP address > Enabled. (Note: We want to help prevent fraudulent activity.).

Giveaway Rules

  1. Giveaway Rules > Clicked the Generate Rules button.
  2. Entered the desired information and clicked Generate Rules.
  3. Reviewed the generated rules thoroughly and added one section for the right to refuse any winner. (Note: Consult with your own attorney, but I add this as a general failsafe, to exclude any entity from the Giveaway. An example of this would be competitors that find their way into your Giveaway in hopes of winning for the sole purpose of wasting your time or preventing others from winning.).

Email Verification

  1. Contestant Must Confirm Their Email > Enabled.
  2. From Name > Changed this from the email address to ‘WP Turned UP’.
  3. Subject > Changed this to ‘Confirm Your 2 Hour Support Giveaway Entry’.


The GDPR consent will add a checkbox to the giveaway registration which users must agree to in order to register for the giveaway.

GDPR Consent > Enabled. (Note: You only have to enable this if your website has users/customers in countries that require you to be GDPR-compliant.).


Adding a Recaptcha to your giveaway will help prevent spam, fake, and fraud signups.

  1. Enable Invisible Recaptcha > Enabled.
  2. Added Recaptcha keys. (Note: RafflePress provides a link to instructions for setting up Recaptcha.).