How to Create Custom Admin Pages for WordPress Websites With UiPress

These are custom pages that you create and add to the WordPress Dashboard menu for all, or a select few to access. 

You can build these pages using the native WordPress editor or a page builder like Elementor.

This guide will teach you how to build a custom Admin Page using Elementor, that will serve as a training page for your website editors.

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Before we begin creating our Admin Page, we need to first establish who should be able to create, edit, and see Admin Pages in general.

To begin setting this up, we first need to navigate to WordPress Dashboard > Settings > UiPress Settings > Admin Pages.

Who Can Edit and Create Admin Pages? > Administrator Role

You may even want to take this a step further and prevent everyone but you, the website owner, from creating and editing custom Admin Pages.

Who Can See Admin Pages? > Depends

This one depends because you may only want to make an admin page available to you, other admins, editors, or maybe even additional roles like authors.

Prepare Elementor

Before we can create an Admin Page using Elementor, we first need to tell Elementor that it’s allowed to edit our Admin Pages.

  1. WordPress Dashboard > Elementor > Settings > General
  2. Under ‘Post Types’, check the box labeled ‘Admin Page.
  3. Save Changes.

Create Your Admin Page

  1. WordPress Dashboard > Admin Pages > Add New
  2. Give your Admin Page a title.
  3. Using the side menu panel in the default WordPress editor, optionally choose an icon to go along with what will be a new menu item in the WordPress Dashboard.
  4. Go ahead and publish your page even though it’s not quite ready.
  5. WordPress Dashboard > Settings > Permalinks > Click the Save Changes button a couple of times to flush your permalinks.
  6. Go back to your new Admin Page and click the ‘Edit with Elementor’ button.
  7. Build your page with Elementor or import a pre-made Elementor template.
  8. Save Changes.
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Once you’re done, anyone you granted permission to should see a new Admin Page show up as a menu item (it will appear at the very bottom of the menu) in the WordPress Dashboard.

Video Tutorial