How to Downgrade WordPress Without Restoring Your Website

Let’s say you upgrade your WordPress version and although you thoroughly tested everything, an issue pops up down the road and the best resolution is to roll back WordPress core.

This guide saves you the hassle of rolling back WordPress by hand, thus eliminating potential errors and saving you a ton of time.

I recommend performing these steps in a Staging environment first, to ensure your issues are resolved as part of this process.

If you do not have a Staging environment, at the bare minimum, make sure to create a fresh backup.


  1. Create a backup of your website.
  2. Install and activate the WP Downgrade plugin (FREE).
  3. Go to Settings > WP Downgrade.
  4. In the WordPress Target Version box, enter the WordPress version you would like to roll back to. (Note: You can use the WP Releases link to find the exact version numbers available.).
  5. Save Changes.
  6. Click on the Up-/Downgrade Core button or the Update Core link.
how to downgrade wordpress without restoring your mylisting website
  1. Click the Re-install Now button.
how to downgrade wordpress without restoring your mylisting website reinstall core
  1. Remove the WP Downgrade plugin.

At this point, you should be on the core WordPress version that is known to fix the issue you were having.

Be sure to thoroughly test everything again and if any issues are discovered, you have the backup that was created prior to starting this process.