How to easily track site visitors with Google Analytics

Google Analytics Account

The steps in this section should be followed if all you need to track is simple website traffic. If you need to track additional entities such as Ads, please refer to the Google Tag Manager section.

For these steps, we are assuming your WordPress theme has an area that allows for the insertion of custom code. If your theme does not allow this, there are plenty of plugins that will. While it may be desirable in some cases, here we want to do the job without adding another plugin into the mix.

  1. Sign into the Google Account you will use to manage your Google Analytics.
  2. Visit the Google Analytics website and Sign up.
  3. Enter an Account Name, Website Name, and Website URL.
  4. Choose the Industry Category for your website, the Reporting Time Zone for your location, and uncheck all Data Sharing options.
  5. Click Get Tracking ID, and accept the terms.
  6. Copy the entire script from the Global Site Tag (gtag.js) box.
  7. Paste the script into your theme’s designated area for inserting custom code and save. (Note: Check with a website professional and/or your theme developer to ensure the proper location for the script insertion.).
  8. Within Google Analytics, click on the Home icon, and find the Active Users right now box.
  9. Open a different browser (ex. Chrome Incognito) where you are not logged into the website, and browse around the website.

At this point, if things are set up correctly, you should see the Active Users right now change from 0 users to 1 user.

MyListing Theme:  Paste your script into Theme Options > Custom Code > Raw Code.