How to use Loco Translate to change MyListing Theme text

This MyListing Theme guide focuses on how to easily implement and utilize the Loco Translate plugin to change simple text. These instructions assume that we’re looking to make changes for the English language.

Set Up Loco Translate and Change Some Text

While using the MyListing Child Theme should be considered mandatory regardless, Loco Translate works directly with the parent theme and translations are retained as long as the correct settings are chosen.

  1. Install and activate the Loco Translate plugin.
  2. Browse to Loco Translate > Themes.
  3. Edit My Listing.
  4. New language.
  5. Choose a language > English (United States).
  6. Choose a location > Leave it at the default setting of Custom or choose System. (Note: Do not choose the “Author” option, as that will allow your translations to be overwritten with future updates to the theme.).
  7. Click Start translating.
  8. Click the Sync button to ensure you have the most recent data (“strings”).
  9. In the Filter translations box, enter the text you wish to change (ex. Choose a Package), and choose the exact match from the Source text section.
  10. With the Source text selected, enter the new text you would like to see (ex. Choose Listing Package), in the English (United States) translation section.
  11. Click Save.