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General News

It might be Summertime, but there was no slowing down WP Turned UP! I launched a new community for us all, formed new partnerships, made big enhancements to WordPress Website Care, and more.

NEW MyListing Club Community! 🔥

The Online Business Network (OBN) is a community of good humans passionate about helping others. Beyond content and resources, this is a safe and supportive place to level up your online business by tapping into what others have already figured out.

The OBN uses the Circle platform, which has many perks that Facebook groups can’t offer, and it’s FREE to join! 

Here is a special invite link, as the OBN isn’t accepting public signups.

I’ll spend most of my “social” time within the OBN, building that out further to help more people and obtain more extensive partnerships for all of us.

I hope to catch you over in the OBN!  😎


NEW Partnerships

WP Turned UP Resources and Services Updates

This month, the following resources and/or services have been added or updated.


WordPress Website Care

I’ve moved all of us over to WP Umbrella, where we can enjoy additional benefits, like hourly backups, enhanced uptime monitoring, and more.



Be well. Stay safe. Thank you for your continued support. 😊

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