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Project Overview

Arthur M. was looking to build a directory to help people find Coding Bootcamps in major cities around the United States. Through a referral from another MyListing client of ours, he got in touch, and after a discussion about his plans, it was a go!

We moved forward together on a project with the goal being to first build a website that would act as a microsite prototype.

The prototype would then be cloned for use with other major cities that have a Coding Bootcamps presence.

Wp Turned Up Projects San Francisco Coding Bootcamps Project Overview

Our Client

Client write up in process.

Wp Turned Up Projects San Francisco Coding Bootcamps Our Client

Build Overview

Using nothing more than the theme itself and the Elementor page builder plugin, the Coding Bootcamp directory was created.

An “explore” page is used to provide search, filtering, and map location functionality for the Listing Types (Schools and Courses). 

Any design gaps were filled in using Elementor Pro and hand-coded CSS.

Wp Turned Up Projects San Francisco Coding Bootcamps Build Overview

Geeky Notes

MyListing comes bundled with the Contact Form 7 plugin. While the plugin is widely-used in the WordPress community, its install numbers of dropping due to its clunky interface, its loading of assets (CSS and JS) on every post/page, and because there are better solutions out there.

Using Elementor Pro’s form widget, we were able to reproduce the functionality of Contact Form 7, as it relates to the MyListing theme. This reproduction allowed us to remove Contact Form 7 from the website altogether.

Check out our guide on how to Replace Contact Form 7 with Elementor Pro.

Project Details

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Cloudflare Implementation

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