WordPress SEO Pricing

Obtainable SEO Services. For Small Businesses.


We have found pricing for Search Engine Optimization to be wildly inconsistent, difficult to understand, and not very transparent, leaving business owners confused and unsure of what they are actually paying for.

Treating our own business as if we were our own client, tracking time and expenses needed to get the job done, we found that it’s absolutely possible to do well in search rankings without spending a fortune.

We are not saying we can necessarily beat the big players in the SEO industry, but what we are saying is that we can still make a real difference for those who are not in a position to fund a complex Search Engine Optimization strategy.

WordPress SEO Pricing Models

Premium SEO

Ideal for those that are currently under a limited budget and want to at least do something to help rank their website. With the time included in this model (3 hours per month), we’ll work to implement a solid framework, using the services and techniques within our WordPress SEO Services offering. 

Pulling from the available block of time, we will focus first on the areas of the greatest importance and then work our way through the other layers of the SEO campaign. As budgets trend upwards, clients can easily upgrade to one of our more aggressive SEO plans.

Elite SEO

Maybe budgets have in fact trended upwards or the budget is already there to make a decent run at outranking the competition. This model picks right up where the Presence SEO model leaves off, but increases the total monthly block of hours to 6.

While it’s not a requirement, at this level, it may be safe to assume that you will be providing internal staffing for us to collaborate with. If that’s the case, we will optionally onboard you or your team into our web-based task platform, so everyone is on the same page.

Ultimate SEO

Nothing new is being introduced here other than increasing the monthly block of hours to a total of 9. 

We have found that 9 hours is the minimum amount of time needed, to have the best shot at outranking the competition in search, so this plan should be given strong consideration.

WordPress SEO Plans

Upgrade. Downgrade. Cancel any time.

Premium SEO

Ideal for those that understand doing something is better than doing nothing, for SEO.
$ 299
/ month
  • Monthly Block (3 hours)

Elite SEO

Those not quite ready to go all-in, but want to take a good shot at outranking the competiion.
$ 599
/ month
  • Monthly Block (6 Hours)

Ultimate SEO

Our recommended plan for clients that truly want the best shot at outranking the competition.
$ 899
/ month
  • Monthly Block (9 Hours)