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WordPress Custom Development

Custom Features. Minus the Cost.

Custom development can be expensive. What if you could get it for FREE?

I've partnered with a highly-talented full-stack WordPress developer to help you add custom features to your WordPress website. As a bonus, any money you spend on development, I'll help you try and get it back.

I'll work directly with the developer to handle all the geeky parts, so you can focus on your business, and that's also FREE.

How It Works

Step 2:

We work together to finalize the details, get the developer's approval, and then the work begins.

Step 3:

We work together to verify the solution meets your requirements, and then your solution is delivered.🤓

Frequently Asked Questions

In the context of this offering, custom development is defined as the creation of code to fix or enhance WordPress core, WordPress themes, and/or WordPress plugins.

Both! The talented developer I’ve partnered with can build you a custom plugin or custom code snippets.

This is super important. Make sure you fully understand what’s laid out below.

  1. Once we are 100% on the same page regarding the project scope, I’ll submit the project request and ask for an estimate.
  2. When/if we agree to move forward, I’ll collect payment from you.
  3. Once your payment is received, I’ll give the developer the okay to proceed.
  4. I’ll work directly with the developer, so you can continue to focus on your business.
  5. Once I feel the solution is ready, you will perform your own tests and be the final judge.
  6. When you’re good with the solution, I’ll deliver the solution, you’ll do a final test in your Live environment, and then you’ll sign off that the project is complete.
  7. I will add the solution as a product on the WP Turned UP website, and you will get 50% of every sale up until you have recovered your costs.

Be sure to view the other questions in this FAQ for further clarification.

If you are coming into this with the idea that you are going to get Free custom development, that is the wrong mindset.

There are costs upfront, but you could earn all your money back, which makes this offering so special.

Your custom-developed solution will be sold here on the WP Turned UP website, and you will get 50% of every sale until you recover your costs.

It’s important to note that not every WordPress website owner will want or need the same feature. Therefore, there is also no guarantee that you will recoup your costs.

The worst-case scenario is you paid for custom development that you would have needed to pay for anyway.

Other than helping the WordPress community, I do not see any compensation unless a project is successful.

When I can add a successful project (i.e., product) to the WP Turned UP website and start selling it, I might see returns.

It depends on the project. When you submit your project, you will specify a due date.

To have your project considered, I recommend setting a realistic due date, considering the communication, testing, delivery, etc., that goes into this.

If the developer agrees they can complete the project by the due date, the project moves forward.

No. I don’t get refunds from the developer, so there are no refunds for anybody.

We are in this together as a team. Your success is my success, so you can rest assured that I’m doing everything I can to look after our interests.

Once you receive the solution and sign off that the project is complete, WP Turned UP becomes the solution owner and retains all rights.

This is how I justify the risk I’m taking to make this all happen and potentially not make any money from it.

Obviously, you may use the solution on your website(s).

That would be awesome! Simply submit your custom development request.

Important: The customer that originally paid for the add-on to be created gets priority when it comes to recouping their costs. You would be eligible to start recouping your costs when/if they recoup theirs.

No. If you need support for a successful custom development project we worked on together, I’ll likely need the same support.

My development skills are limited, but in some cases, I might be able to help without us having to open a new custom development project.

If we need to open a new custom development project to get support (or enhancements), we can work together to make that happen.


Nice! I would need you to provide the below to move forward.

  • The Solution (Plugin, Code Snippet, etc.)
  • Documentation (How is the solution replicated/implemented?)
  • Cost (How much did you pay for the solution?)

Note: For the cost, please be honest. If I think the cost seems unreasonable, your solution may be declined.

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