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As part of our full-service approach, we offer and specialize in WordPress SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.


As a small business, we easily identify with other small businesses and we want to be there for them.

Many small businesses are left to fend for themselves or forced to make bad hires, as SEO agencies typically will not pick up the phone for prospective client budgets under $1K/month.

This is due to a few factors, with the most common one being agency overhead that comes from significant staffing, high-priced software solutions, etc.

While other agencies may overlook you, we want to help.


Many business owners pay large sums of money for SEO services, but they don’t really know what they are paying for or how to determine a successful outcome.

Our goal is to take that mystery out of Search Engine Optimization.

We are transparent in our processes, the challenges we face, and how we arrive at pricing our services.

Full Service

Our WordPress expertise covers all of the areas that play a role in Search Engine Optimization, and as your goals and/or resources change, we’re agile and able to pivot in order to better serve you.

WordPress Website Builds

We deliver websites that are beautiful, fast, secure, mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized, and designed to match client branding for accurately conveying their overall message.

WordPress Website Optimization

Having a fast loading website is more important than ever, with Google now using site speed as a ranking factor, and we provide WordPress website optimization services, with a focus on building really fast websites for small businesses, using industry-proven techniques.

WordPress Website Care

All of the efforts and associated costs that go into design, performance optimization,  SEO, etc., are wasted if a website is routinely compromised or has failing solutions, so we provide plans that allow us to keep a constant eye on client websites.

Social Media Branding

We help businesses create consistent branding for their online presence (website, social media, email campaigns, etc.), which not only makes it easier for people to find them online, but it also creates a sense of familiarity across any platforms where they are present.

Our Proven Approach to a Successful WordPress SEO

We assess where our client is in terms of their current SEO, carry out a focused, SEO optimization strategy, and then fall into a consultancy role for the duration of the relationship.


We get to know our clients, their audience, and how their SEO is currently performing so we better know how to serve them.

Typically, a good portion of the first month of the engagement is spent performing a thorough analysis, before moving onto the Optimization stage.


We work with clients over the next 2-6 months (it typically takes at least 4 months to see real results) to optimize their website and its content with the goal being higher search rankings and more relevant traffic that converts.


We can keep an eye on our client’s SEO at all times, we can assist on a per-task basis, or we can supplement other SEO vendor relationships.

This phase typically kicks in after an initial 6-month engagement, but can also come into play for businesses that need an ad-hoc SEO audit and/or tune-up.