SEO Consulting

Obtainable SEO Services. For Small Businesses.


We can be with you from beginning to end, adding SEO Consulting services to our SEO Analysis and SEO Optimization services.

For companies that are already dipping their toes in the SEO waters, we evaluate planned strategies, assist internal resources with execution, and validate campaigns already underway.

Our Ideal SEO Client

We can add value in a number of situations. You are in the right position to make use of our SEO Consulting services if any of the following situations apply to your business.

  • Internal resources are available for copywriting but there is a lack of strategy and expertise when it comes to overall SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
  • There is some level of internal SEO knowledge, but not still not enough resources to stay on top of SEO-related tasks.
  • There is a need for some one-off SEO tasks but the timing and/or budget is not right for retaining ongoing services.
  • An SEO vendor is already in the picture but you would like audits performed, either to validate the services you’re receiving or just to another set of eyes on things.

SEO Consulting Services

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation of SEO and can be a time-intensive endeavor, especially when you factor in that search engine algorithms change all the time. Managing keywords is not set it and forget it and we do the dirty work, allowing companies to focus on the things that make them money.

Backlink Profile Analysis

It’s important to understand a company’s link profile, which gives a clear idea of whether or not they are on the right track. When looking at a client’s profile, we focus on linking domains, number of links, link quality, anchor text, and origin page performance.

Website Design

When designing or redesigning a website, it’s very important to consider usability from the perspective of visitors and to ensure the mobile-friendliness of the site. We can assist with any website design needs, as part of our WordPress Website Build offerings.

SEO Auditing

We compile an in-depth SEO Optimization analysis, locating key areas requiring improvement. Our analysis can be as specific or general as needed and we guarantee actionable items will result.

SEO Strategy

We help companies define a strategy for long-term, sustainable results, using best practices and industry-proven techniques. That said, technology is guaranteed to change and companies are likely to change, but we are agile in the face of these changes.

Quality Assurance

All of the Search Engine Optimization boxes have been checked, and now you need someone to make sure things stay on track. We provide monthly WordPress SEO plans and on-demand WordPress Website Support.