SEO Optimization

Obtainable SEO Services. For Small Businesses.


With the SEO Analysis complete, we now know your business and we know which areas of your SEO need attention. We take this knowledge and push forward with a strategy that targets the highest priorities first, and then working our way through the lower-hanging fruit.

On-Page SEO Optimization

  • Indexability: Any issues prohibiting search engines from efficiently seeing your valuable content are corrected.
  • Overall Structure: We bring your content closer to the forefront and establish an SEO-friendly site architecture.
  • Content Strategy: We work with you to build a long-term strategy using content siloing, internal linking, duplicate content prevention, and more.
  • Blog: Templates are created for SEO-friendly posts, and content publishing/sharing schedules and methodology is put in place.
  • Keyword Placement: Keyword variations are placed throughout your content using best practices.
  • Performance: We make your website fast while keeping complexity and costs to a minimum.
  • Mobile Design: With search engines placing an emphasis on mobile optimization, we make sure content is optimally displayed on mobile devices.
  • Security: Your website is protected from the bad guys, which not only provides security but also limits the load placed on your website’s server.
  • SSL: We implement SSL certificates and keep our eye on the certificate renewal process to ensure uninterrupted encryption processes.

Off-Page SEO Optimization

Social Media


We work with clients to ensure all social media profiles are consistent and properly implemented.

  • Username (all usernames are the same across all platforms)
  • Branding (images, color palette, etc.)
  • Brand/Company Info (overview, description, contact info, etc.)
  • Call To Action (link to website store, link to contact form, etc.)

Content Sharing

Once profiles are in place, we help clients get their content out to the various platforms in order to boost referral traffic.

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Business Group
  • LinkedIn Business Page
  • YouTube Business Channel
  • Guest Blogging


Using data from our On-Page SEO Analysis, we look to enhance existing, desirable links or to remove any undesirable links. After the existing backlink profile is solid, we then move towards obtaining new, quality backlinks.

The primary focus is natural links, which are primarily driven by quality, share-worthy content, as part of the On-page SEO optimization. We also look at requested links and self-created links.

Natural Links

Created by those who dig your content to the point where they share it with others.

Requested Links

Created when you ask another website to link back to your content because of its relatable content.

Self-Created Links

Created when you interact with another website and you include a link back to your own website.