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Technology Audits

Find ineffeciencies and maximize your resources.

Technology Audits are like multi-point car inspections, with the entire process recorded.

I look under the hood to see what's up and I report back to you with actionable tasks and advice. Audits are done by hand, so it is much more of an intimate process.











How It Works

Step 2:

I'll audit all of the technology behind your business and record the entire process for you.

Step 3:

Use the actionable tips and advice I give you to make well-informed technology choices.

Want This Service Regularly?

Building, Optimizing, and Supporting WordPress Websites Is My Thing.

WordPress Website Care clients get up to 4 audits per year for no additional cost so that I can keep a constant eye on performance, security, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! There is absolutely no catch.

Anyone that has not had their website audited by me before.

  • Technology Audit: Your entire technology stack will be audited by hand rather than by an automation tool.
  • Audit Recording: Your audit is recorded LIVE and shared with you afterward.
  • Audit Reference Guide: This outlines why certain areas should be audited, how they are audited, best practices, technology definitions, recommendations, links to deals, and more.
  • Performance Report: This report shows how your website is currently performing, based on a professionally-ran test according to your primary audience location.

You can view your video recording for up to 14 days after I complete your audit.

No. The goal is to light a fire under you to act on any observations and recommendations I make.

  1. Book your audit.
  2. Audits are typically completed within 1-3 business days, but often same-day.
  3. You will receive your post-audit package (video recording, reference guide, etc.)

No. This audit is a review only.

If you would like to hire me to address any discovered issues or just to help in general, you can get WordPress Website Support and/or sign up for WordPress Website Care.

Sure! There will be a notes section when you go to reserve your spot, so feel free to add some details there.

Please keep in mind this is a FREE service, so I reserve the right to stick only to my checklist if I think your requests will take a significant amount of time.

My paying clients always get priority.

  • WordPress Admin Access (Required): This is a minimum requirement for performing an audit.
  • Cloudflare CDN (Optional): I’ll need access only if you want me to audit this area of your technology stack.
  • Server/Web Host (Optional): I’ll need access only if you want me to audit this area of your technology stack.

While you should always be concerned about privacy, rest assured that I take privacy seriously and adhere to the following:

  • I’ll never share anything about you or your website unless you give express permission to do so.
  • You will not be automatically subscribed to anything.
  • As a security professional, I request and handle data according to best practices.