WordPress Website as a Service

No Fuss. No Dillydallying. Launch at Warp Speed.

What's Included

Leverage our decades of experience to launch a brand new, professionally-built WordPress website, while getting industry-leading web hosting, and website care included!

With so many perks, we take a loss for the sake of building relationships.

How It Works

We make the process super simple and that's music to everyone's ears.

Step 1.

Sign Up

Sign up for our Ultimate Website Care plan.

Many clients have this care plan in place just for peace of mind, so with this, you are essentially getting a FREE WordPress website.

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Step 2.

Quick Chat

Once you are signed up, schedule a 20 minute chat with us, so we can get to know you and your project.

Step 3.

Prepare for Launch

After our chat, we will send you an invite to your project board and that is where we will work through the tasks required to complete your project.

All you need to do is show up and we will guide you every step of the way until your new website is launched.

Wp Turned Up One Week Builds Launch

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide clients with a ton of template options and we build a unique website for them, applying their own branding, artwork, verbiage, etc. Pulling from our vast experience in building websites, clients can count on us to make the right choices when it comes to making their vision fit with their chosen template.

If you would like something completely custom, instead of our WaaS model, please have a look at our WordPress Website Build Blocks.

No. Included in your website care plan is arguably one of the world’s top web hosting solutions, so there really is no reason to look elsewhere. We know this hosting solution inside and out, which allows us to deliver lightning-fast and highly secure websites.

All kinds of goodness! See the full list of features included.

  • Industry-Leading Web Hosting
  • Expert Website Care
  • Huge Premium Software Library
  • Unlimited Small Tasks

Small Tasks are defined as any task, outside of custom development, that can be completed in 15 minutes or less. If we anticipate that a task will take more than the time you have remaining, we will request that you purchase some additional support time.

We don’t want to nickel and dime you, but we have other areas that we look after for you and we want to do as best we can…overall.

Please note that On-Demand Enhancements do not roll over each month and they cannot be combined to allow for enhancements that would normally take more than 15 minutes. We’re just asking you to be reasonable.

Small Task Examples

  • Adjust Kinsta Settings
  • Adjust WordPress Settings
  • Adjust WordPress Theme Settings
  • Adjust WordPress Plugin Settings
  • Adjust Media
  • Adjust CSS
  • Adjust Copy/Verbiage/Wording
  • and more

Well, that would be a bummer and not something we would want. Projects that involve design, can sometimes be difficult to get 100% right on the first go-round, which is why we provide post-launch edits, for no additional cost. If there are things we simply missed, we’ll make it right, as that is on us.

Please note that your project follows the design of the template you chose, so changes that are not part of the template must be made as an On-Demand enhancement, starting the month after your new website launches.

If it’s super important that your changes be put into action immediately, no problem, you can purchase some hourly support, and we will take care of it.

As a last resort, you can simply cancel your website care plan with us and we will immediately delete your website from our servers.

Optionally, you can purchase an hour of support, and we will migrate your website to your own hosting provider. No hard feelings!

Yes. That’s one of the reasons our Ultimate Website Care Plan is involved in our WaaS model. We provide Unlimited Small Tasks, which are defined as any task, outside of custom development, that can be completed in 15 minutes or less. If we anticipate that a task will take more than the time you have remaining, we will request that you purchase additional support time.

While we love to write, you will be responsible for all the copy/verbiage/wording on your website. You are also responsible for ensuring there are no grammatical and spelling errors within your content. We are happy to make edits as directed, as part of your Unlimited Small Tasks.

No. Our goal is to form lasting relationships built on mutual trust and respect. That said, for the WaaS model to work, we cannot provide clients with admin access to their website during the “pay off period”. If we do our job the right way, clients should never need admin access, and instead, be able to focus on their business.

Yes. While other companies in our space will say they own the intellectual property of the design/layout and try to prohibit you from reselling your website, that’s just not something we believe in.

While our professional WordPress Website Builds come with a much higher value, we are pricing them with the goal of forming lasting, quality relationships with business owners.

We ask that you stay with us at least until your Ultimate Website Care plan payments meet or exceed the $1,788 mark, which is 8 months.

Our goal is not to lock you into anything or hold you hostage. If you do not wish to keep your website, simply cancel your website care plan with us, and we will immediately delete your website from our servers.

If you wish to keep your website, you will just pay any remaining balance, so we are able to get to that $1,788 mark, and then purchase an hour of support, so we can migrate your website to your own hosting provider. No hard feelings!

Yes. While we don’t offer discounts for paying in full, you are welcome to pay for an annual WordPress Website Ultimate Care plan.

You will not have admin access to your website during the pay-off period.

If you wish to have admin access prior to completing the pay-off period, you can pay the remaining $1,788 balance, and we will be happy to create an account for you.

We can provide temporary placeholder images, but you will be required to obtain your images and then let us know where they should go. Not to worry, there are plenty of amazing and FREE resources for finding images, that we are happy to share with you. If would like us to source and place images for you, from our premium resources, we are happy to do that for you, subject to our hourly rate.

Real. Testimony.

Dom P.
Founder - Directory Website
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"WP Turned UP has been an indispensable resource for my business.

From their quick responses in the early days of simple learning about the MyListing theme all the way up to helping me launch my startup to paid subscribers.

And beyond! I’ve worked with them for nearly a year on my website and they have been supportive to the point that I consider them part of my team.

They truly understand the entrepreneurial mindset, have creative solutions to problems, and are always quick and punctual with tasks.

If you’re building a MyListing website, you’re not going to find better people to work with who know more about the theme than them.

They are a master at it."
Jeff M.
Founder - Directory Website
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"Wow, where to start?

The WP Turned UP team has been amazing.

I was having so many problems with my hosting and slow service even though I had a business hosting account that was meant to be fast.

They stepped in, asked me a few questions, and then took over.

We moved my hosting to Kinsta, implemented an image optimization solution, and a few other bits.

The speed and functionality of my website drastically turned around and I'm more comfortable with marketing the site without embarrassment.

WP Turned UP's communication and help has been invaluable and their knowledge is amazing.

I'm looking forward to carrying on working with them and have already recommended them to a few people.

I encourage anyone to use their services."
Kate H.
Founder - Directory Website
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"WP Turned UP did some site optimization work for us at Energy Saving Genie.

It was such a smooth process, explained and executed efficiently and they know their stuff.

We look forward to working with them again in the future."
Kelly H.
Founder - Directory Website
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"I’ve been working with WP Turned UP since 2012.

They are responsive, efficient, creative, and cutting edge in all of their web design and marketing projects for our firm.

I enjoy working with them and consistently look for more ways we can utilize their talents."
Vlad T.
Founder - Directory Website
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"Thank you, WP Turned UP for helping me scale my business while saving money at the same time.

Transferring our website to the WP Turned UP's Kinsta hosting plan was extremely easy.

Trying to get the plugins and hosting on my own would easily have cost 10 times more.

Kinsta and WP Turned UP are always quick to respond and help me with any issues or questions that I have.

WP Turned UP and the MyListing theme is the powerhouse combo that everyone needs to build and grow their online directory quickly and easily."
Rodney J.
Founder - Directory Website
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"PokerDIY gets over 30k hits per month and runs on WordPress with lots of user interactions.

We tried other hosting sites but by far the best performance for value came from Kinsta and WP Turned UP.

Onboarding was easy and support was quick to respond to any issues we had.
Jennifer M.
Founder - Directory Website
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"Having found WP Turned UP after a few other stop/starts on a website project, I would highly recommend them for building and maintaining sites.

They have provided terrific customer service, demonstrated detailed technical knowledge, and go above and beyond with every detail.

From our precise project plan in the beginning to their straightforward contract, they are consummate professionals.

WP Turned UP's ability to explain complex technical concepts to the average computer user is an extraordinary skill, as is their level of patience with someone just learning the ropes.

I would recommend their services for your project and would be happy to answer any questions.

My new website is beautiful and functional which is important to attracting members and building my user community."
Georgia S.
Owner - Directory Website
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"WP Turned UP has completely exceeded our expectations.

Amazing turnaround and even more amazing results; their work has given us confidence in our website speed, performance, and reliability.

Their communication is impeccable and expertise is second to none.

WP Turned UP is an invaluable asset to our business and we are delighted to continue working with them!"
Ken M.
Owner - Directory Website
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"If I may, a very loud shout-out to WP Turned UP.

I was having some issues I simply couldn't work through and contacted them for help.

They persuaded me to rethink my approach to several elements of my membership site, and before I knew it I was getting results like this without removing any functionality from my home page."
Tamarin V.
Owner - Directory Website
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"WP Turned UP came to the rescue when something on my WordPress site just wasn't working right.

They helped me fix the issue immediately and even took the time to improve some of the other settings for me.

Really excellent at what they do!"
Belen D.
Founder - Directory Website
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"I was so excited telling a friend about my website and how smooth it was to work with WP Turned UP.

My friend was like wow...it looks like you had really found a great team supporting your project!

And yes, that is how I feel, from technical questions, to design and all the things that involve starting a MyListing website from zero, the process always has been outstanding!

Fast communication, fast delivery, and the best of all...very reliable.

My online business is up and running, and this would have never happened if I tried to learn and do it all myself.

You need to delegate things, so you can move faster.

Worth every single dollar!"
Carol P.
Founder - Directory Website
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"I have worked with WP Turned UP for over a year from an MVP of my product to full-blown site delivery.

They have been fully supportive and incredibly knowledgeable to help guide us through some of the pitfalls and ensure we were successful.

They go the extra mile to guarantee I deliver the best experience for my customer as well as a great end product.

Would highly recommend."
Donna L.
Founder - Directory Website
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"I cannot say enough about Ryan with WP Turned UP and his services.

I was at the end of my rope and ready to pull the plug on my MyListing Directory because of issues that I did not know how to fix.

People, I hired only made it worse.

Someone recommended Ryan and I am SO glad they did.

From the minute I reached out to Ryan he let me know what was going to be done and what it would cost.

He responded immediately and has stayed in touch every step of the way.

What a relief!

We set everything up on a task board and he knocked out every issue one by one in no time.

Buying blocks of time allows him to dig in and find out what is wrong and correct.

He is very knowledgeable so it does not take him long to get things sorted out.

I'm now on a MyListing Website Care plan and I have such peace of mind knowing he is monitoring the site and will handle any hiccups.

I have so much confidence in Ryan that I’ve hired him to take the site to the next level with SEO.

HIGHLY Recommend! "
Deborah H.
Founder - Directory Website
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"I really wish that I had connected with WP Turned UP earlier. They are amazing people.

I felt so comfortable with them designing and recreating my business.

They pushed me over the edge, made me jump in, and take risks that I normally would not take.

I'm so happy that they pushed.

They are extremely talented, and you can tell they have kind hearts. I would recommend you guys all day!!"
Adriana A.
Founder - Directory Website
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"After having my website down for 3 months due to another web developer, I reached out to WP Turned UP and they helped me create an entire site with TWO directories within 2 weeks.

They listened to me and were able to create my vision into reality within the capabilities of MyListing.

I am not very tech-savvy, but they were helpful in providing different options that I can look into for the goals that I am trying to reach, including increasing my income streams.

I highly recommend working with WP Turned UP! "
Heath G.
Founder - Directory Website
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"WP Turned UP has made my “weblife” so much easier.

I have, in the past, found myself explaining system requirements or user functionality time and time again until I’ve just given up, but not with WP Turned UP though.

WP Turned UP is not just geeky techies., they live in the real world.

When you say you need X, they know why you need it, what it should look like, and may also suggest a Y to go with it.

They see it and talk about it from a user perspective rather than a technical one.

WP Turned UP has helped me with various website challenges and have always exceeded expectation.

I would not hesitate to recommend them to beginners and experts alike."
Larry L.
Founder - Real Estate Website
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"WP Turned UP has extensive knowledge on how to build top quality websites and implement Microsoft solutions.

They are a joy to work with, extremely efficient, and I would recommend their services to businesses of any size and industry.

WP Turned UP is truly a valuable asset for any business."
Tobias F.
Owner - Directory Website
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"The guys from WP Turned UP are as fast and reliable as the websites that they build and optimize!

I really appreciate them for being able to not only understand the technical parts but also seeing the bigger picture at all times.

As a digital marketer, it is important to only work with people who fully understand what you do - even for website optimization.

I am happy that I finally found an agency that I can trust and rely on.

Now I can finally focus on my main business again!"
Jeremy K.
Owner - Directory Website
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"Most of the maintenance for our website was handled overseas, only to have numerous issues with basic functions occur over and over.

WP Turned UP has now taken over the maintenance and has drastically turned things around for us within just a few days.

Having someone who understands, not just reacts, has made the world of difference for us!"