WordPress Website Optimization

Slow websites are a turn off. Don't have a slow website.

We provide WordPress Website Optimization services, with a focus on building really fast websites for small businesses, using industry-proven techniques.

Site speed could be the difference between winning and losing

Having a fast loading website is more important than ever, with Google now using site speed as a ranking factor. This makes perfect sense, as a fast site results in a better user experience.

Studies have shown that a significant percentage of web users expect a site to load in 2 seconds or less and if it isn’t loaded within 3 seconds, those users tend to abandon the site altogether.

We provide the experience and knowledge needed to attract potential customers and keep them coming back.

Website Speed Optimization Elements

CDN (Content Delivery Network) solutions help by placing website data closest to its audience, which not only speeds up the communication but also reduces overall bandwidth usage. There are a number of additional performance benefits that come from using a CDN, such as Premium DNS, HTTP/2, Load Balancing, JavaScript optimization, Smart Routing, and more.

While our expertise lies in working with Cloudflare’s CDN, we also have extensive experience with the offering from Cloudways and Kinsta.

We help clients…

  • Determine if a CDN solution is right for their environment.
  • Implement and optimize the best CDN for their environment.
  • Optimize their existing/preferred CDN solution.

Website Speed Optimization Elements

WordPress website optimization techniques that work

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