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Good Help Is Hard to Find.

We Are Changing That.

WordPress Help Shouldn't Be a Painful Experience

Sometimes stuff just happens and when it does, our friendly team of WordPress support professionals will get you back in the game.

We’ll do it right the first time and we’ll do it fast!

Whether you’re experiencing a problem with your website or you’re looking to increase its value, the last thing you want is to jump through a bunch of hoops.

Our team is extremely responsive and we like to keep things simple, with no complex forms to fill out, and easy to understand pricing.

We’ll ask a few simple questions and off we go!

WordPress Support Areas

Listed below, are just some of the common support areas that we are immersed in on a daily basis.

Support Focus:

  • Bolster Infrastructure While Maintaining Simplicity.
  • Reduce Operational Cost.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) Procurement, Implementation, and Management.
  • Domain Hosting Procurement, Implementation, and Management.
  • Web Hosting Procurement, Implementation, and Management.
  • Procure, implement, and manage Website Hosting.

Support Focus:

  • WordPress Core Implementation According to Best Practices.
  • WordPress Core Performance Optimization.
  • WordPress Core Configuration for Desired Functionality.
  • WordPress Core Personalization to Match Branding.

Support Focus:

  • WordPress Theme Implementation According to Best Practices.
  • WordPress Theme Performance Optimization.
  • WordPress Theme Configuration for Desired Functionality.
  • WordPress Theme Personalization to Match Branding.

Support Focus: 

  • WordPress Plugin Implementation According to Best Practices.
  • WordPress Plugin Performance Optimization.
  • WordPress Plugin Configuration for Desired Functionality.
  • WordPress Plugin Personalization to Match Branding.

Support Focus: 

  • Keyword Strategy Determination.
  • WordPress SEO Plugin Implementation.
  • On-Page SEO (i.e. Content Optimization).
  • Technical SEO (i.e. Performance Optimization).
  • Off-Page SEO  (i.e. External Content).

Support Focus:

  • Google Search Console Account Setup.
  • Sitemap Submission.
  • Jumpstart Sitemap Indexing.
  • Resolution Recommendations for Reported Issues.
  • Resolution of Reported Issues.

Support Focus: 

  • Google Analytics Account Setup.
  • Set Up Filters.
  • Connect WordPress and Google Analytics.
  • Verify Tracking.

Support Focus:

  • Google Tag Manager Account Setup.
  • Connect WordPress and Google Tag Manager.
  • Verify Tracking.

Support Focus: 

  • Current Environment Discovery
  • New Hosting Procurement
  • Website Migration
  • Post Migration Testing & Resolution

Audit Focus: 

  • Overall Website Health
  • WordPress Core Health & Versioning
  • WordPress Theme Versioning
  • Child Theme Implementation
  • WordPress Plugin Versioning
  • Functionality Overlap
  • Security Best Practices & Adherence

Audit Focus: 

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • DNS
  • Website Hosting
  • Infrastructure Versioning
  • WordPress Optimization Plugins
  • Media Optimization
  • Functionality Overlap

WordPress Website Support

Pre-paid blocks of time that can be put towards anything related to a WordPress website with the exception of custom development, and are ideal for shorter client engagements.

Real. Testimony.

Dom P.
Founder - Hollihock
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"WP Turned UP has been an indispensable resource for my business.

From their quick responses in the early days of simple learning about the MyListing theme all the way up to helping me launch my startup to paid subscribers.

And beyond! I’ve worked with them for nearly a year on my website and they have been supportive to the point that I consider them part of my team.

They truly understand the entrepreneurial mindset, have creative solutions to problems, and are always quick and punctual with tasks.

If you’re building a MyListing website, you’re not going to find better people to work with who know more about the theme than them.

They are a master at it."
Larry L.
Founder - L2 Real Estate
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"WP Turned UP has extensive knowledge on how to build top quality websites and implement Microsoft solutions.

They are a joy to work with and extremely efficient.

I would recommend their services to businesses of any size and industry.

WP Turned UP is truly a valuable asset for any business."
Jeff M.
Founder - Million Dollar Network
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"Wow, where to start?

The WP Turned UP team has been amazing.

I was having so many problems with my hosting and slow service even though I had a business hosting account that was meant to be fast.

They stepped in, asked me a few questions, and then took over.

We moved my hosting to Kinsta, implemented an image optimization solution, and a few other bits.

The speed and functionality of my website drastically turned around and I'm more comfortable with marketing the site without embarrassment.

WP Turned UP's communication and help has been invaluable and their knowledge is amazing.

I'm looking forward to carrying on working with them and have already recommended them to a few people.

I encourage anyone to use their services."
Belen D.
Founder - e-volve Your World
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"I was so excited telling a friend about my website and how smooth it was to work with WP Turned UP.

My friend was like wow...it looks like you had really found a great team supporting your project!

And yes, that is how I feel, from technical questions, to design and all the things that involve starting a MyListing website from zero, the process always has been outstanding!

Fast communication, fast delivery, and the best of all...very reliable.

My online business is up and running, and this would have never happened if I tried to learn and do it all myself.

You need to delegate things, so you can move faster.

Worth every single dollar!"
Carol P.
Founder - e-volve Your World
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"I have worked with WP Turned UP for over a year from an MVP of my product to full-blown site delivery.

They have been fully supportive and incredibly knowledgeable to help guide us through some of the pitfalls and ensure we were successful.

They go the extra mile to guarantee I deliver the best experience for my customer as well as a great end product.

Would highly recommend."
Kelly H.
Chief Strategy Officer - Lereta
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"I’ve been working with WP Turned UP since 2012.

They are responsive, efficient, creative, and cutting edge in all of their web design and marketing projects for our firm.

I enjoy working with them and consistently look for more ways we can utilize their talents."