ShortPixel provides easy-to-use plugins that can help you solve all your website’s image-related problems within minutes.

I use ShortPixel on every website for image optimization.

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Solution Overview

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ShortPixel Adaptive Images is a plugin that analyzes the pixel size of the image’s container and replaces the original image with a version scaled down to the needed size and then optimized and served from a global CDN.

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a plugin that gets you up and running in seconds, optimizing all your past images with a push of a button and all your new images automatically.

Display properly sized, smartly cropped, and optimized images on your website; Images are processed on the fly and served from a CDN, in the next-gen WebP format.

  • The same visual quality but smaller images thanks to ShortPixel algorithms.
  • Smart image cropping.
  • Only serve appropriately sized images depending on the visitor’s viewport.
  • Lazy loading of images.
  • Automatically convert images to WebP format and serve them to supported browsers.
  • Animated Gifs are supported.
  • Caching and serving from ShortPixel’s CDN, Cloudflare CDN, or Stackpath CDN.
  • All major image galleries, sliders, and page builders are supported.
  • SVG placeholder support for JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, and BMP.