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Simple Feature Requests

Simple Feature Requests is a plugin for collecting and managing feedback from your customers, so you can prioritize the features that are important to you and your customers.

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Solution Overview

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Collect User Feedback In WordPress

Collect and manage user feedback using your existing WordPress website. Prioritize the product features important to you and your customers.

Validated Ideas For Your Product With User Voting

With voting and discussion for every idea, you can quickly identify trends in feature requests to help guide your product development.

  • Prioritize feature requests by letting your customers submit and vote for them
  • Don’t waste time on features no one wants
  • Start a conversation around feature requests for your product

Gain True Insight and Prioritize Your Product Roadmap

Transparency in development can go a long way. With the Roadmap feature, it’s easy to let customers know what’s coming next.

  • Focus on features that are important to your customers
  • Easily let your customers see which features are being worked on

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