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Project Overview

Worthy Insurance came to us through a referral from one of our clients, which was great because a level of trust had automatically been established at that point. We piggy-backed off of that trust and kept the momentum going.

The goal was to build Worthy a new website that was clean and easy to navigate while packing it full of useful content for their clients.

Our Client

Worthy Insurance Group is an independent property and casualty insurance brokerage based in Skokie, Illinois. Established in 2005, Worthy Insurance began with two entrepreneurs who had broad access to strategic business relationships in niche markets.

They took those markets and grew the company into the dedicated and forthright agency that it is today. Worthy Insurance Group focuses on providing creative risk management solutions to the healthcare, financial, and real estate industries, as well as to all small businesses.

Build Overview

Building an insurance website can be a daunting task, but the project was interesting and we enjoyed the challenge. The website didn’t end up requiring any complex functionality you typically see with an insurance website, however, there was a significant amount of content to place, and design around.

Some of the elements that stood out were the hotspot map, custom illustrations, and custom icons. While we didn’t create the artwork from scratch, we did source it on behalf of the client and make edits in accordance with their overall branding.

Geeky Notes

We implemented Imagify, a leading image optimization plugin, and configured it according to best practices. Additionally, we bulk-optimized every image associated with the website and generated WEBP versions of every image.

Worthy’s website is hosted with SiteGround, so we implemented its proprietary SG Optimizer plugin according to best practices.

We mentioned the hotspot map, which is the image shown here in the Geeky Notes section. This is a fun element within the Enfold theme, that allows you to take any image and manually place “hotspots” where desired. Those hotspots can be configured to hold information which is revealed when hovering over the hotspot.

Project Details

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