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WPCodeBox is a plugin that allows saving Code Snippets to the Cloud and sharing them across WordPress websites, as well as access to WPCodeBox’s Code Snippet library.

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Solution Overview

WPCodeBox is a plugin that allows you to add Code Snippets to your WordPress website site in a safe and organized way, and by doing this, you will reduce the number of plugins and get better performance.

Also, speaking of performance, WPCodeBox is a React-based UI so you never have to wait for pages to reload, and it only runs in the back-end of your website so there is zero impact on your website’s performance.

    • Save your Code Snippets to the Cloud, optionally organize them with folders, and share them across your WordPress sites.
    • WPCodeBox supports PHP, JS (JavaScript), and CSS Code Snippets.
    • Gain access to WPCodeBox’s Code Snippet library of tested and ready-to-use Code Snippets for your WordPress site.
    • Create your own Code Snippets using the WPCodeBox auto-complete feature.
    • Conditionally load Code Snippets only on the pages you need to load them, as well as choose between loading on the front-end, back-end, or both.
    • Shortcode Generator
    • Custom Post Type Generator (Coming Soon)
    • Hook/Action Generator (Coming Soon)
    • Chrome Extension for saving snippets to your Cloud account, directly from sources like GitHub and Stack Overflow. (Coming Soon)
    • Create Multiple API Keys to give your clients/customers special access to your Cloud Library (Coming Soon)
    • Generate WordPress plugins based on your own Code Snippets (Coming Soon) 
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Ready-to-Use Code Snippets for WordPress

You will have access to our snippet repository for doing all sorts of things related to WordPress, and all of the snippets on our repository are tested and reviewed by us to make sure they work 100% of the time.

WordPress Code Snippets in the Cloud

You can save code snippets to your secure cloud account, and those snippets will be available on every WordPress website on which you have WPCodeBox installed, saving you a lot of time by having your most-used snippets always at the ready.

Create Your Own Code Snippets

WPCodeBox features a WordPress-specific auto-complete tool that suggests WordPress functions, actions, and filters based on your context, while transparently disabling any snippet that would cause an error, so even if you add a bad snippet, there will be no downtime for you or your customers.

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